The Brazilian surface freshwater framework in union-dominated rivers: challenges and prospects for water quality management

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Vagner Alexandre Aparecido de Souza
Denise Gallo Pizella


The framing of surface water bodies is an instrument present in the National Water Resources Policy that aims to outline the goal of water quality to be maintained or achieved by water bodies, according to their predominant and intended uses by society. In view of the importance of the framework for water quality planning and the difficulties and possibilities for its implementation reported in the literature, this study aimed to identify them in the hydrographic basins of rivers in the Union’s domain. In this sense, it was analyzed, in the most recent Plans of the nine basins with established committees, the aspects related to the framework; and, in order to diagnose the perspectives of the management bodies on the subject, electronic questionnaires were applied to the committees of the analyzed basins and to the National Water Agency. As a result, there was a lack of framing in accordance with current regulation, namely CONAMA Resolution no. 357/05, in all situations. The main problems identified for this were: lack of fluviometric data, distribution of water quality monitoring points in the basins in such a way as to make analysis difficult, diversity of legislation applicable to the framework in the States in which they are located, water pollution, and lack of articulation institutional relationship between water management bodies, States and municipalities. On the other hand, some potentialities for achieving the framework were verified, such as the implementation of the grant for the use of water resources in all situations, the existence of charges for the use of water resources in five of the nine basins in question, and a greater interaction between the water resources management bodies, States and municipalities in two of the analyzed basins.


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Souza, V., & Pizella, D. (2020). The Brazilian surface freshwater framework in union-dominated rivers: challenges and prospects for water quality management. Brazilian Journal of Environmental Sciences (Online), 56(1), 1-15.
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Denise Gallo Pizella, Universidade Estadual Paulista “Júlio de Mesquita Filho” (UNESP)

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Faculdade de Engenharia de Ilha Solteira (FEIS)

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