Local Green Governance: integrating sustainability into Public Policy in light of climate changes

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Maria Luiza de Moraes Leonel Padilha
Aline Matulja
Ana Karina Merlin do Imperio Favaro
Juliana Barbosa Zuquer Giaretta
Juliana Pellegrini Cezare
Daniel Gouveia Tanigushi
Antonio Carlos Rossin
Arlindo Philippi Jr.


A little scientific advance has been observed in how cities will deal with climate change in terms of
adaptability. Thus, it is necessary to anticipate future changes and to integrate them into local level
planning, including investments and political decisions in a proactive way of adaptability promotion.
For that, supporting local governance construction may help engaging a variety of stakeholders on
the search for solutions focused on facing such issues. This investigation has as its objective proposing
a Green Local Governance Model for Cubatão City/SP municipality, aiming to contribute for an increase
of effectiveness in the implementation of public policies into the context of climate changes. The
objectives are: i) bibliographical updating on the research theme; ii) creating data summary on
environment, social and economic dimensions for Cubatão City/SP, iii) identifying environmental
management system of the municipality; iv) verifying the constraints on social participation in the
decision making processes in municipal environmental management, v) proposing a Green Local
Governance Framework. The methodology to be applied is based on MEGA (Portuguese acronym) -
Strategic Evaluation Methodology of Sustainable Development and Environmental Public Policies
implementation at Santo André Municipality. The expected results are reports, papers on the research
subject, data summary, report of the Environmental Management System of Cubatão/SP
(administrative structure, legal apparatus, management tools and institutional capacity); guide to
social participation, institutional improvement on climate change impacts focus.

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Padilha, M. L., Matulja, A., Favaro, A. K., Giaretta, J., Cezare, J., Tanigushi, D., Rossin, A., & Philippi Jr., A. (2010). Local Green Governance: integrating sustainability into Public Policy in light of climate changes. Brazilian Journal of Environmental Sciences (Online), (16), 6-14. Retrieved from http://rbciamb.com.br/index.php/Publicacoes_RBCIAMB/article/view/384